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Invited Speaker

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“Did I Hear You Say Racism? Silence, Interpretive Authority and the Oral History Narrative.” Keynote public address. University of Lethbridge Centre for Oral History and Tradition, Lethbridge, March 21. 

“A Lifetime of Listening. Reflections by a ‘seasoned’ oral historian,” Research seminar. University of Lethbridge Centre for Oral History and Tradition Executive Group, Lethbridge, March 22.

“Historicizing Xenophobia in Canada: Unpacking of Settler-Colonialism, Immigration and Multiculturalism.” Panel discussant. University of Toronto History Students’ Association, Toronto, February 3. 

"Acts of Kindness and Complicity: contesting the silence of bystanders and eyewitnesses to the dispossession and internment of Japanese Canadians.” Keynote public address. Royal British Columbia Museum, Victoria, January 28.  

“Eating My Way through History: the meaning of food in the personal memories of Japanese Canadians." Research seminar, Department of History, University of Victoria, January 25. 

“Remembering Loss in the Lives of Japanese Canadians." Keynote address. University of Victoria, Qualicum Beach, January 26.

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"Memory, Migration and Citizenship: What is at Stake Today?” Roundtable discussant. “Unsettling Canada at 150: Memory Discourses in Transnational Contexts,” York University, Toronto, November 3.  

“Who Belongs Here? Reflecting on Canada at 150", Panel discussant. UBC Day of Learning, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, October 10.



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“The Power of Silence. Family Memories and the Research Project.” Keynote address. Interactions Seminar Series 2015-16,


“Orality & Authority,” University of Toronto Scarborough Campus. December 4.

“Oral History in Canada, Past and Present: Canadian Oral History Reader Authors Panel, Panel discussant. International Workshop on Oral History, Oral History Centre, University of Winnipeg, October 2.

“Whither the field – or ‘What is to be done?’” Panel discussant. Civilian Internment in Canada Workshop, Winnipeg, Manitoba, June 17-19.  

“Eyewitness to Internment.” Keynote address. Canadian Sociological  Association Outstanding Contribution Talk, Annual Meeting of the Canadian  Sociological Association, Canadian Federation of the Humanities and Social  Sciences, Carleton University, Ottawa, June 2.


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“Gendered Ways of Knowing the Past: Challenging the `Authority’ of the discipline of History.” Panel discussion participant. Annual Meeting of the Canadian Historical Association, Carleton University, May. 



“They Must Have Really Suffered’: Japanese Canadian Mothers and Daughters and the Transmission of Historical Memory,” Labouring Feminism and Feminist Working Class History in North America and Beyond, Munk Centre for International Studies, University of Toronto, September 29-October 2.

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“Passing Time, Moving Memories: Three Narratives of Japanese Canadian Women’s Wartime Experience,” Keynote Address. Diaspora, Memory and Silence: Who Calls Canada Home?” York Centre for Feminist Research, York University, October 24-25.

“Memories of Internment: Reflections on Hearing and Presenting the Life Stories of Japanese Canadian Nisei Women.” Keynote Address. Lecture Series, York Centre for Feminist Research/ Centre for Joint Asia-Pacific Studies, York University, January.


“A Whisper of Pain: Nisei Women’s Reflections on the Second World War Internment.” Annual Meeting of the Canadian Sociology and Anthropology Association, Toronto, Ontario, May/June.

“Gender and Race in the Labour Movement,” Canadian Committee on Labour History, Hamilton, Ontario, May 25.



"`It Wasn't Called Restructuring Then': The Gender Politics of Worker Struggles in the Auto Industry in Canada," Cars and Continentalism International Conference, Toronto, May.



Contributed(peer reviewed)

“The Power of Silence. Personal Memories and Historical Consciousness in    Experiences of Racism in Canada” (working title), Panel on “Power and Possibilities of Oral History Education: Addressing Redress and Reconciliation,” American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting (AERA), San   Francisco, CA, April 17-21. Cancelled due to COVID 19 pandemic.



“Interpreting the Past in Personal Memory: Japanese Canadian Women’s and Men’s Agentic Memories of Racial Oppression,” Annual Meeting of the Pacific Sociological Association, Oakland, California, March 8-11.



“`Life is Sweet’: Japanese Canadian Women and the Moral Lessons of War,” East Meets West Gender Conference, University of York, York, England, July 3-5.




“The Time of Our Lives: Japanese Canadian Wartime Narratives of Race, Nation, and Identity.“ Canadian Ethnic Studies Association 17th Biennial Conference, Banff, Alberta, October 2-5.

“Crafting Identities in the Face of Political Violence,” British Columbia:  Rethinking Ourselves, BC Studies, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British  Columbia, May 1-3.



"Constructing Difference Among Workers: The Nexus of Race, Gender, and Class in Southern Ontario Auto Plants (1940 to 1970), 11th Annual Meeting of the American Historical Association, New York City, January 2-5.



“`That Wall's Comin' Down': UAW Women's Struggle for Gender Equality in the Southern Ontario Auto Industry (1963-1979)," Annual Meeting of the Canadian Sociology and Anthropology Association, Kingston, Ontario, June.   


“Socialization and Cultural Duality Among Aging Japanese Canadians." Annual

Meeting of the Canadian Association of Gerontology, Moncton, New Brunswick, October.

Community Presentations(invited)


“We Should Know Each Other: Japanese Canadians in Academia,” St. David's Anglican Church, Toronto, Ontario, December, Panel Discussion Participant.



“Citizenship: Nothing Yet Everything.” Active History, Panel Discussion Participant. Discover Canada. People’s Citizenship Guide. Toronto Public Library, Palmerston Branch, Toronto, Ontario, October.




“Unionism and Feminism in the Lives of Women Auto Workers in Ontario, 1939-1970,” Keynote address. Women’s Studies Programme, University of Windsor/CAW Guardian Board, Windsor, Ontario, May.



“Taking Workers of Colour Into Account,” Workers of Colour Leadership Training 1993 Programme, Canadian Auto Workers Union, Port Elgin, Ontario, June; December.



Researching Labour History,” Metropolitan Toronto Labour Education Centre, Toronto, ON, June.

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